Client / Vendor KYC

    Name of Business Entity

    Type of Business

    Address of Principal Place of Business

    Additional Place of Business

    State of Business (as per GST Certificate)

    Company Registration Number

    GST Number (Prov.) / ARN Number

    Company PAN

    Company TAN

    Name of Contact Person

    Phone Number of Contact Person

    E-Mail ID of Contact Person

    Company Registration Certificate

    Company PAN Card

    Company GST Certificate

    I hereby declare that the information provided by me above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I also confirm that in the event of any information provided by me is found incorrect / is incomplete, Banyan Tree Brandvisers Pvt. Ltd. will be in its right to take any necessary action it deems fit.

    I confirm having verified the photocopies of documents attached above against their originals.