Business Excellence

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Business Excellence is defined by outstanding practices in managing the organisation and achieving results based on a set of fundamental concepts and values. Banyan Tree Brandvisers' Business Excellence Model is based on the most popular and influential model - the Baldrige Model. The Baldrige model has been a key element in driving business improvements at Banyan Tree Brandvisers. We constantly strive to enhance our value for all stakeholders by sharing best organisational self-assessment policies among Banyan Tree Brandvisers' companies. With intense focus on innovation and business excellence we aim to reach the pinnacle of excellence.

Our core values and concepts are embodied in the following seven categories:
• Leadership
• Strategic planning
• Customer focus
• Measurement, analysis and knowledge management
• Workforce focus
• Operations focus
• Business results

Aimed at enabling our companies capture the best global business processes and practices, our business model delivers strategic direction and drives business improvements at our company. The core purpose of this model is to enhance our performance, enabling us to advance in our business excellence journey. Our key focus is on areas like customer driven excellence, operational excellence, risk management, project management and strategy deployment. The aim is for constant improvement in these areas so that the performance of the company as a whole continues to improve in the coming years. From articulation to deployment to execution to alignment to integration across functions and teams, we constantly evaluate how our processes are working and tweak them to improve outcomes. We believe that business excellence is about continuous improvement, it’s never a static situation; there’s no finish line. It’s when business excellence becomes a way of working that it really takes off.  We are confident that we will achieve our vision of  industry leadership by 2025'.